January 2022 Recap of Swing

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3 min readFeb 22, 2022

TL;DR: January has been an action-packed month for Swing. We’ve expanded our multi-chain capabilities by adding new blockchains. Swing raised another $6 million in funds. Lastly, our community members can now interact with Swing on our Discord server.

Read our detailed recap of what we’ve been up to and how Swing is expanding its network!

$6 Million funding round

We’ve raised a total of $6 million in a new funding round led by Republic Capital. The battle for cross-chain interoperability is ever so important, and Swing is generating more interest among institutional investors. The Swing network has been valued at $60 million, and Republic Capital, Ava Labs, Hashkey, Kane & Rao, Skynet EGLD Capital, Celer, Bitcoin.com, and Morningstar Ventures are among our new investors.

The new capital influx unlocks new opportunities that will help Swing turn into a top-perform platform to unlock the potential for new DeFi and institutional capital to be moved between chains. We will use the capital to improve the functionalities and security of the cross-chain liquidity and bridge protocol.

Tech Update

We’ve constantly been improving and expanding the number of supported chains on the platform. Interoperability and cross-chain access are the secrets to onboarding new users to crypto and blockchain.

Swing has started to integrate three new blockchains to the rounds, which will help Swing expand their blockchain bridge offering. We’re currently developing and implementing cross-chain liquidity for blockchains such as Solana, Harmony, Fantom, and Moonriver, xDai protocol.

While we’re constantly building new features to make Swing the go-to-cross-chain protocol, users can use the app to interact with Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Ethereum, Aurora, or Avalanche. We will be rolling new updates as they become safe for users.

To make things even more exciting for Swing users, we’re releasing the new Swing API & SDK portal to allow every developer to connect with Swing’s cross-chain liquidity and bridge aggregator!

As we’re expanding Swing’s blockchain cross-chain integration to over 10+ protocols, our Developer API will allow users to connect with the multitude of DEXs. In addition, our integrations with decentralized bridges like Celer, Connext, Hyphen, and Hop, offers more unrestricted access for developers to interact with the Swing App without affecting network and funds security.

When you’re ready to experiment with our new API and SDK toolkit, sign-up to our waiting list here.

Community sourcing

Community is not to be forgotten. We love hearing your feedback on how to improve our platform, provide support better, what new blockchains are in demand, or simply interact with the community.

We just launched our Discord community server where users can hang out, chat with some of our community managers and even possibly join a community demo effort before exiting Beta.

You can join our Discord server HERE. We are extremely happy to have each and every one of you participate with your input or just pass by and say GM!

Nevertheless, we are constantly improving the Swing app and making it more accessible to everyone involved. If you want to get the latest updates from Swing follow us on our social channels.

What should you be looking forward to? As we are growing and we add more use cases to our Swing app, we want to provide our community with a chance to become more involved in Swing. Therefore, we are aiming to schedule our TGE and public sale in Q2 of 2022.

About Swing

Swing is cross-chain infrastructure for the internet on major EVM networks such as Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Moonriver, Harmony, xDai, Arbitrum, Fantom and more. It aggregates major liquidity sources and bridges to execute the best price and lowest slippage on trades and transfers. The project helps crypto traders, investors and yield farmers move crypto capital efficiently across blockchains via a web application and upcoming API product.

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