Swing Launches on Avalanche to Expand Multi-Chain Liquidity

Swing Protocol
3 min readDec 22, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch and expansion of our cross-chain liquidity protocol on Avalanche!

Avalanche is an open-source platform for launching decentralized applications in an interoperable, highly scalable ecosystem. It was built by Ava Labs and processes over 4500 transactions per second without the security tradeoffs usually associated with blockchains that operate at scale.

With over $12.5B in total value locked across Avalanche, it is clear traders and farmers alike are interested in $AVAX AMM trading, farming and DeFi dapps. Avalanche is also backed by leading investors like Galaxy Digital, a16z, Bitmain, and Dragonfly.

Many top Ethereum based protocols have ported over their products into the Avalanche ecosystem such as TraderJoe, YieldYak, PangolinDEX, Wonderland, Benqi, Curve and Aave. While Swing has been deployed across various blockchain ecosystems like Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, xDai and Fantom, Avalanche ensures users can benefit from reduced gas fees, quicker transactions and a seamless experience using the Avalanche Bridge to bring over assets.

Swing always had interoperability in mind as we integrate our third chain into our ecosystem. You can now trade & swap with the best prices, liquidity and access on AVAX, MATIC and Binance Smart Chain, xDai and Fantom.

Start Trading on AVAX using Swing Today!

Head over to www.swing.xyz try out the swap experience and connect your MetaMask wallet to start trading today! We have aggregated liquidity across top DEXes on Avalanche like PangolinDex, Trader Joe, Sushiswap and more.

Swing Alpha Testers Program

Interested in helping us build the future of Swing as we build a multi-chain crypto liquidity ecosystem? Join 620+ community members that have signed up to be alpha testers of the platform. For private access and invite to the alpha group, please DM jt.me/randypayne6 on telegram for access.

How to Setup for Avalanche Wallet on Metamask

Read more on the AVAX Wallet setup instructions here:

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About Swing

Swing is cross-chain liquidity protocol on major EVM networks such as Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, xDai, Fantom and more. It aggregates major liquidity sources and bridges to execute the best price and lowest slippage on trades and liquidity transfers. The project helps crypto traders, investors and yield farmers move crypto capital efficiently across blockchains via a web application and upcoming API product.

The Future is DeFi with Swing.

We’re just getting started, and if you would like to join us as we build the future of global finance and crypto asset exchange, please visit our website and follow us on Telegram and Twitter. Over the coming year we will be building, launching and growing a community of believers in the decentralized finance world!

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Twitter: http://twitter.com/swing_xyz

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