Swing Integrates With Aurora to Expand Multi-Chain Liquidity & Bridge Aggregator on NEAR Protocol

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3 min readFeb 3, 2022


It gives us great pleasure to announce the expansion of our cross-chain liquidity and bridging aggregator on Aurora — an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) running on the NEAR Protocol.

Aurora is an EVM built on the NEAR Protocol blockchain that provides a turn-key solution for developers to build dApps on NEAR’s scalable, high-throughput, future-proofed platform. Through Aurora, developers can also migrate Ethereum applications instantly to the NEAR blockchain without having to rewrite the underlying code.

Created by the team behind the NEAR Protocol, Aurora offers teams the chance to use the same technical environment inherent to Ethereum, while also taking advantage of the low-fee, scalable foundations provided by NEAR. Notably, Aurora transaction fees are paid in the base ETH currency, providing a simple, easy-to-use user-interface for users which doesn’t demand the purchase of other tokens.

Those transaction fees are so negligible that Aurora transactions are, for all intents and purposes, free for the end user. Transactions are confirmed in no more than two seconds thanks to Aurora’s 1 second block time, and the costs of transacting on the chain are less than a fraction of a fraction of a cent.

Even in times of high network usage, Aurora’s base protocol is designed to sidestep the issues inherent to older generations of blockchains, like Ethereum, which effectively grind to a halt due to the high fees incurred when users transact on the chain en masse.

Facilitating the easy movement of dApps and tokens from Ethereum to Aurora is the Aurora Bridge, a fully-trustless asset bridge that connects Ethereum users with Aurora and NEAR. The Aurora Bridge forms part of NEAR’s Rainbow Bridge — a trustless gateway between Ethereum and other interoperable blockchains.

All of this adds up to an incredibly fruitful collaboration prospect for Swing Protocol, and gives us another fast, efficient and wide-reaching framework to integrate into our liquidity and bridging aggregator. Connecting Swing with Aurora — and by extension, NEAR — gives users of all three protocols instant access to some of the best cross-chain bridging opportunities in the cryptocurrency ecosystem, while also allowing users to pull liquidity easily from the most popular and fastest growing blockchains.

Swing founder Viveik Vivekananthan celebrated the working partnership with Aurora, and looked forward to the myriad of use-cases and interoperability the integration promised to throw up. Viveik said:

“Aurora is a brilliant creation by the team behind NEAR Protocol which allows legacy Ethereum developers to migrate over to the more current architecture presented by NEAR. Users will also naturally benefit from the ease with which they can trade and move assets across both blockchains, while Swing’s presence on Aurora will allow them to expand their horizons even further by providing easy access to a wealth of liquidity and bridging options. We’re delighted to share this announcement with our community.”

The integration of Swing with Aurora follows on from other fruitful collaborations in recent weeks, which saw Swing Protocol implemented on Polygon, Avalanche, and Celer Network.

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